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Eyebrow / Forehead


Have you caught yourself raising tail end (lateral edge) of your eyebrows in the mirror? Do you like it? This is because over the years due to action of muscles of your upper eyelid and gravity, your eyebrow descend down! As one ages it is common for the eyebrow to descend down into a more horizontal position than it should be. A youthful eyebrow at rest is positioned above the orbital rim with gradual arch laterally and lateral or tail end of the eyebrow located higher than the medial edge.

Moreover due to excessive use of forehead muscles and stress in daily life the wrinkles over forehead can get etched on the skin almost permanently A browlift or a forehead lift reverses all these effect of aging to restore a more youthful contour of your forehead and eyebrow.


Dr Rajat Gupta is a specialists in using minimally invasive techniques to do to Eyebrow & Forehead lifts. He either uses Endoscopic approach or the Small Puncture Suture approach (First one to do in India) to achieve a more youthful forehead and eyebrow..


To know more about the Eyebrow/ Forehead Lift procedure Eyebrow Lift (click here)


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