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Eye Beautification are as much for the skin around the eyes, as the eyes themselves!!


As the skin around the eyes is thinnest on the body, hence probably it is the first place where you show your age. Some people even in late 20s, start having fine lines around their eyes i.e. crows feet which over a period of time begin to etch themselves into the thin skin on the sides of the eyes. This is all followed by dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes, usually in the 30s. Sleepless nights, professional stress, and the responsibility of child rearing all contribute to faster aeging signs!! Also as you age their is loss of elasticity in the skin. Then as one crosses 30s and 40s, many people notice a hooding of the upper eyelids. In the 40s and beyond, extra skin folds accumulate on your eyelids and also underneath your eyes, making you appear more tired. Then, A heavy groove begins to form between the bottom of your eye and your cheek. This is called a “Tear Trough”. Makeup application becomes difficult. Your look worn out and sad eyed, even when you feel energetic and happy.


Some people use eye creams to prevent aging signs around their eyes. However, they are not only expensive, but unfortunately their ability to de-puff and tighten decreases dramatically as we age. In fact, many of the most luxurious brands at the cosmetic counter contain no ingredients with proven medical efficacy. The most definitive and satisfying way to make your eyes more youthful, beautiful, and energetic is eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty



Dr. Rajat S. Gupta specializes in all areas of eye rejuvenation and periorbital surgery. In fact, procedures of the "periorbita," or tissues around the eyes, are one of his favorite operations to perform.

Dr. Gupta’s aim is to restore your Eyes Beautification to a more youthful state, without changing your overall face. He systematically plans each individual according to ones need. Their are multiple issues in the aging eye like sagging eyelids, bulges of "bags" or fatty tissue, hollowness around the eyes, dark circles, and loose skin. Every individual has a combination of any of these problems. Hence Dr. Rajat S. Gupta tailors his procedure according to the need of the patient.

For upper eyelids rejuvenation, Dr Gupta hides fine incisions in the crease above each eye, so that after surgery, the scar is almost imperceptible and camouflaged in the normal eye fold. And for the lower eyelid rejuvenation, Dr. Gupta places incisions inside the eyelid, so there are absolutely no visible scars. However, if their is loose skin under the eyes, Dr. Gupta uses an incision in the natural crease just near eyeashes so that after healing their is no evidence of surgery even without make up!


To learn more about the eyelift procedure Blepharoplasty (click here)


Dr Rajat Gupta performs correction of deep tear trughs with fillers or fat transposition for individuals with hollow underneath their eyes.

In patients with younger tissue who require less, Dr. Gupta also offers laser or chemical peel treatment to the skin around the eyes, as well as Botox to smooth out crows feet and smile lines.



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